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Google SafeSearch for Kids on iGoogle

Google SafeSearch for Kids is the most popular page here on SquirrelNet, showing that many people value "safe" Google results.  Another reason is that Google itself doesn't allow a person to "lock into" SafeSearch, meaning it's very easy to reset preferences to allow inappropriate content.  Using our links here at SquirrelNet is one way to lock into SafeSearch as long as you are searching from here.

I don't know if any of you use iGoogle, but if you do, I recommend adding Google SafeSearch for Kids to your iGoogle.  I went ahead and built a Google Gadget that "locks into" SafeSearch from here. 

Click the button below to add Google SafeSearch for Kids to your iGoogle page:

Add to Google

Once completing that one step, you'll have this nice little Google SafeSearch for Kids box in your iGoogle:




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