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Oh boy!


Selling PC's and bulding operating systems and browsers is a mess of its own. Search is still a big problem to solve, and Google will focus its resources there.


I, for one, welcome our new Google overlords.


Uh, Google can purchase an ISP like Earthlink and get into the game quite quickly and cheaply.

not part of the google love fest

If trading Google for Microsoft excites you this much you are crazy. Anyways, the non-technical masses are more likely to trade in their $1000 dollar pc for an all-in-one entertainment box that does the work of the pc. Look to the next xbox 360, ps3, or other media centers to be the harbinger of doom for the modern pc. This is why Google and Apple look to companies like Tivo as a foot hold in this market. By the time, Google introduces their GooglePC, it will be too late. M$ introduces the 360 this winter. That is your $200 pc in a box.


I agree with you, that it is realistic to expect GBrowser, or even GOffice, which will store all files on google servers.

Regarding GooglePC, however, I think people still use a lot of applications, which can't run from within a Browser and require more than a cheap linux box.

Essentialy, I think Google just wants all your data (browsing and search history, email, text documents, other office-like documents) to reside on their servers. I am not sure they will need GooglePC to achieve that.


Intriguing hypothesis.... though I am not much of a conspiracy theorist I definitely think you have woven an interesting story...

It should have started with in a galaxy far, far away....

But if Google becomes Darth Vader it is obvious that he was turned by the Dark Lord, Bill Gates.

Stoney deGeyter

I think the GBrowser and ISP are the most likely to see light of day (anytime soon). The netPC is also plausible as well.

daniel m

holy, i think this is gona be the second walmart!! lol but sounds good


I've been talking about google taking over the planet for a while. You can check out some of the stuff I've written about:
Mine mostly deal with the text advertisments and the internet economy, but this will make an interesting addition to the collection.


I agree with much of what you say. Sounds to me like Google is trying to become what some many people despise.

I think that is hilarious!


so google has hired some devs who know how windows and other os's work. do they not have servers with custom os's to maintain and develop? do they not have aps which interface with the windows filesystem to develop? oh, they've hired the lead dev of firefox? do users not use firefox to access a large range of googles products? i think people are just jumping to conclusions with this crazy rumor mill that's been churning away for several months now.

The Indian Blogger

Moving towards the GDesktop.


All the ideas sound very exciting and sound near realistic hypothesis....but has anyone thought about privacy issues? That isnt addressed here.

Google is such a darling these days that these hypotheses, started by an above average joe, will sound too exciting. One debacle from Google with people's data and all the trust could be bust.

Microsoft has had such a problem with it's passport service that people dont want to submit themselves to it, because of the mindset they have about microsoft.

people who assume I'm pro MS, hold on.....I'm for the one who makes my life easier and safer in this current time. that's it.

Go Gooooooooogle!!!
Microsoft can not dominate is time for change...
it is time for true innovation
(example Apple, now Google ;) to make everyone's lives more interesting,super-knowledgeable, and less stressful. We will see if MS can be an innovator... a "copycat"...or just pass'e.

Three phrases should be among the most common in our daily usage. They are: Thank you, I am grateful and I appreciate.

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Murray Clarke

So what are the ISP's and IDC's doing about this in the US?

Without a shadow of doubt Google is going to take the hosting business at some point, SaaS delivery of apps is likely further in the future - does that mean a future take over of for Appexchange? They already allied with each other.

Microsoft will not die but it is possible they will become the next Sun. Browser based computing will dominate the SMB's, hosted by Google who will be able to control pretty much everything and maintain low pricing due to the Ad vehicle. Amazing and powerful strategy but they can not take 100% of the market.

Which market? PC and tools market for consumer and SMB. Enterprise will need their own on premise HW to a degree.

WTF are the SP's doing about this? Should not everyone be working together to defend their territory/customers from jumping to Google? Should they not be creating their own virtualized desktops, mail, tools, web delivered apps etc?

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Goggle provide the browsing facilities and it's made a such a superb browser..


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I agree with Murray, without a shadow of doubt Google is going to take the hosting business at some point.



Google is awesome! go google!!


Google really great..successful to future..


whats a more future of isp?


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