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Erin Brown

Thank you. Even in the Word Help menu the directions are wrong this is the only place I could find the REAL way to completely turn the feature off. Thanks!


Thank you! I was tearing my hair out. Why must microsoft be so complicated? Their help menu stinks.


Thank you! I was tearing my hair out. Why must microsoft be so complicated? Their help menu stinks.


Thank you! I was tearing my hair out. Why must microsoft be so complicated? Their help menu stinks.


THANK YOU!!! Sanity is slightly restored!


thanks d00der, you just saved me a lot of trouble

five stars


hey thanks for tip, was stuck on this one, google pointed me to your site and it worked like a charm


I want to know when a document was created I have a word doc with a footer of 6/1999 could it have been created later?


thank you so much - such a quick and easy fix for the nervous breakdown I was about to have when I received a document full of useless change info.




oh thank god. i need to turn in a paper it is has to be anonymous. i have all kinds of identifying things in the changes. now they are off and it is good to go (and i locked it)


The guy who put track changes into Word should be shot


Thanks! Yours was the first result in google, and your fix worked!

thank you. you are an absolute lifesaver!


thank you so much,
i am still trying to this in my ms.word 2007.
hopefully it works,
wish me luck !


you the man

Jewel Jones

Yep, I *love* Microsoft Word... I even at times have great value in using Track Changes ... But why on EARTH you can't ever turn it off is a mystery of the universe.

But guess what I just did!! I copy-pasted everything I'd typed to an entirely new Word doc and renamed it... and POOF! No More Track Changes! ;-)


Okay - so what am I doing wrong - I can do the "accept all part" - even tho I don't want the changes - and all the lines go away. But the second I start my own changes - everything has the miserable rotten colored lines and text again. Somewhere there was a mention to let friends know not to send track changes documents. I've told mine if they said one, I'll delete it. I hate it I hate it.


nice and simple...
I've been using this for long time now an this is really helpful.



But... how do you turn off the feature ALTOGETHER for ANY document that's created in the future? I just don't want to use the feature at all... EVER!


you just saved me a loooot of frustration. Thank you!!!

Philip Lewis

Track changes is the most useful feature in Word. You guys are hopeless.


Thank you so much and God Bless!


Thank you so much! I couldn't open a Word document in my translation memory software because the track changes option was switched on. Thanks to you, I can continue working now.

Robert McDougall

Track changes is a tool for management to be able to blame their staff and therefore have no responsibility themselves.

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